About Us

come2gether consult: One-On-One Recruiting with High Standards

Do you want to find the right person for a leadership position with a highly specialized requirements profile?
Do you want to streamline your recruitment processes, better assess the potential of your employees, or raise your company profile on the job market?

Then you have found the right partner: Since 1996, we bring together Market Leaders and candidates that are made for each other. We proceed sensitively, discreetly, respectfully – and globally.

We focus not only on the right qualifications but also on the compatibility of the soft factors such as the personality of the candidates and the dominant culture of the company.

With success: The candidates provided by us remain loyal to our clients. And the clients to us.

Good Reasons for come2gether

If you are a supplier of sustainable drive or energy technology and are in need of reliable and trustworthy recruiting support and assistance, then cooperation with come2gether consult will yield many advantages.

Because as a specialist with a clear technology focus, we know this field like no other, and – as a small company – we take each job equally serious and adapt our work to your processes without fuss.

With us, you are cared for by the owner in person: Wolfgang Joeres has learned his craft from the ground up as a research consultant at a leading U.S. human resource consulting firm and has deepened his skills and expertise with solid marketing knowledge obtained from international companies.

Find out what this means exactly for your situation during a personal conversation.

Respecting the Nature of the Markets

Hopeful start-ups shoot up from the ground like new saplings, large companies merge into symbiotic communities, local providers languish in the shadow of global players: Markets follow the same laws as nature and require the same responsible approach.

For this reason, we take your wishes in finding a new employee as seriously as the wishes of the candidates. And we conduct our research with the same sustainability and persistence that you apply to the development of economical and environmentally friendly technologies, until we find the expert who would like to take root in your organization.

Because both sides are then a perfect match for the long-term.

Charter of Corporate Values

What makes us successful? What is the reason for our high staffing and placement rate? Why are our customers loyal to us for many years?

Probably because of the way we work. Our values charter serves as our guide:

  • Exceed the expectations of our business partners.
  • Have in-depth knowledge about what you are doing.
  • Create lasting values with every assignment.
  • Be honest, open, effective and authentic.
  • Create a pleasant work environment.
  • Be sensitive, discreet and respectful to everyone involved.