come2gether consult: Your Career Booster

You want to further your career?

We like to support you in this endeavor. With tailored application coaching, you are perfectly prepared for the cover letter writing marathon, for job interviews, and assessment centers.

And if your are interested, also with long-term career support, which will help you reach your goals in a straight line. If you are interested in a career in the technical field, you are especially in good hands with us. Because we know a lot of global companies in this industry segment and in many cases are the first to know if attractive positions are ready to be filled.

Your big plus with come2gether consult: Since we are a small company with specialization in a specific field, you are never a number in a database. Instead, we treat you as a real person with special qualifications, desires, ideas, and visions.

And that is also our approach when assisting our clients with application processes and contract negotiations: Always fair.

Career Coaching

Global markets offer virtually endless career opportunities. And unprecedented competitive pressure at the same time – after all, every candidate must prevail against competitors from around the world.

Professionalize your career planning and significantly increase your chances!

We gladly support and help you with this endeavor. We provide in-depth counseling for long-term career concepts, practical training for job interviews, and sound advice for compensation negotiations.

Interested in the details? Give us a call!

Sample CV with Room for Individuality.

There are many sample resumes and CVs listed on the Internet. The website, sponsored by the European Commission and Federal Ministry of Education and Labor, is recommended if additional help and assistance is needed.

This website features an easy-to-use input mask for your CV in German or English, which leaves you plenty of room to express your individual character.