What We Do

Traditional Personnel Consulting. For Meetings With a Future.

Our service focus is on finding and selecting specialists and executives in the technical sector – globally if necessary. Traditional personnel consulting starts with a jointly conducted situation analysis that results in a detailed position profile.

On this basis, we prepare in close cooperation with you a list of target companies featuring businesses where we believe we will find suitable candidates. Since the German labor market has been unable to provide for many years the required number of highly qualified engineers, we also consider the rest of Europe as well as such countries as India, China, and Brazil. We have gained good experiences for many years in these locations, both in terms of qualification and geographical flexibility of potential candidates.

During the subsequent research phase, we identify in these companies as many candidates as possible, on average 80 to 120. This requires numerous meetings with industry insiders. The selection of suitable and interested candidates is in fact conducted at first anonymously, followed by phone contact or through social networks, and where appropriate, later in the form of personal interviews.

Based on our reports, you decide with whom you want to become more acquainted. We prefer to monitor the interviews and subsequent contract negotiations closely.

During a follow-up phase, we provide you and the successful candidate with additional assistance even after he or she has been hired. Transparency, openness, and protecting the reputation and standing of all parties involved in the process is guaranteed, of course.

We do not let go

The contracted consulting project is not considered complete and finished until a suitable applicant has been found and hired. Even difficult assignments are handled with the utmost vigilance and enthusiasm until you, the client, is satisfied.

If the traditional research process proves to be insufficient for a specific case, we utilize other tools such as job advertisements in trade magazines and on the web after consulting with you on the specifics.

Lean Recruiting

If you need fast results inexpensively: For uncomplicated tasks and as a lightweight alternative to traditional direct searches, we offer you desk research, where we only scan web databases such as XING® and LinkedIn®, conduct telephone interviews, and review the suitability of the candidates with an online assessments.

This eliminates time-consuming and costly travel, and you have quick results on the table.

The procedure is otherwise largely the same as with classic personnel consulting: We develop a position profile as part of a situation analysis. On this basis, we seek and find during the subsequent research phase in relevant websites and databases potential candidates that seem appropriate based on their own information.

Contact is established discreetly, followed by a lengthy telephone interview, possibly supplemented by an online selection process. If found suitable, the requested application materials are then the basis for deciding whom to invite for further talks. We monitor the interviews and subsequent contract negotiations closely if requested.

During a follow-up phase, we gladly provide both sides with additional integration assistance.

Talent Management Makes More Out of Your Employees

Find, hire, keep, and promote high potentials: Faced with fierce global competition for highly qualified professionals, this is as important as never before.

But how do you actually know which candidate has elite potential?

How can such dream employees be recognized early on, and how to promote and bind them to the company in a targeted fashion?
Improvised ad hoc incentives fall short and squander potential. It is better to trust in a systematized talent management, which actively begins at an early stage and accompanies an employee for many years, while specifically integrating managers, HR department, and colleagues.

We gladly tell you how.

Employer Branding: Your Employer Brand With Magnetic Effect

Why does someone apply to a specific company?
And why does he or she stay there?

Of course, hard facts such as income, location and development opportunities play an important role. However, independent studies have long shown that soft parameters such as the image of a company affect career decisions at a similar rate. The “coolness factor” of an employer seems to be just as important as the reputation of being a very employee-friendly, environmentally-conscious, and forward-thinking enterprise.

Do not leave your employer image up to chance but actively participate in shaping this image yourself!

Together with our cooperation partners, we help you build a strong brand that not only noticeably helps your recruiting but also strengthens the identification of your employees with the company. We will be happy to show you how to use tried and tested marketing tools specifically for your employer branding: from traditional job ads to trade shows to social networks.

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